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Enabling authentication for KIP System K series controllers
 KIP System K Controller Configuration
1.Purchase and install a KIP Accounting and Cost Center license from the device vendor
2.Open a web browser and enter the device's IP address in the URL bar (example: HTTP://
3.Enter administrative credentials (default username/password)
4.On the System Setup page, remove the check mark next to Allow Anonymous Use
Some important things to know about the "Allow Anonymous Use" option:
When this box is checked, users can print, scan or copy without entering a PIN code. The KIP can track prints/plots when printing through a print driver or the PrintPro submission tool however, scan/copy jobs will be tracked to an unknown username (the unknown user name can be merged with a valid user to generate the billing prompt)
When this box is unchecked, users will be required to enter a PIN code each time they scan/copy or print/plot from any submission methods including the Windows print driver, PrintPro and PrintPro.net.
The KIP firmware does not have an option to allow printing without a PIN code when requiring a PIN code for copy/scan activity.
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