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KIP Key Code Authorisation to validate

KIP Customer ID. 
KIP Printer Serial Number.
   If color options have been purchased please repeat steps 4, 5 and 6 this time entering the keycode that starts with the $.  Printing Keycodes must be entered FIRST. Only then will the Color Copy/Scan-to-file Keycodes be accepted.   For the KeyCodes to validate the KIP Printer must be fully functional at the time the KeyCodes are entered. The KIP Printer must have Media installed and connected to the network. There should be no errors on the printer itself. 

Once the IP Address has been set the Keycodes for the purchased options need to be entered. 
1. From the IPS Graphical User Interface, select the “?” button.   
2. Select the “Configuration 2” button 
3. Using the Arrow buttons at the bottom scroll to page 2 of 7 
4. Select the “Options” button as all check boxes will be blank. 
5. Using the onscreen keyboard enter in the last Keycode in the list of available keycodes that were provided that begins with the $. 
6. When all digits have been entered the “OK” button on the keyboard will become active. KIP System Setup & Installation This information is solely for use of KIP Personnel and KIP Authorized Dealers. No part of this publication may be copied, reproduced or distributed in any form without express written permission from KIP. © 2011 KIP. 
7. Once the keycodes have been accepted click “OK” and the system will validate the codes entered and check all available options. 
Note: If color options have been purchased please repeat st

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